Playing with phones hurts the eyes اللعب بالهاتف يؤذي العينين

by Abeer Al Eid

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1. Once upon a time, there was a girl named Somaya, and she used to spend all her time playing with her phone.

2. Somaya’s mother was troubled by her behaviour.One time she asked Somaya to help her in the kitchen, but Somaya didn’t listen to her mother because she was so obsessed with her mobile phone.

3. One time there was a knock on the door.The mother asked Somaya to open the door, but unfortunately she didn’t listen to her motherso the mother, upset, opened the door.

4. Somaya’s best friend was at the door.Her name was Manal,and the mother said,“Welcome Manal, please come in.”

Manal: Hello, how are you auntie? Is Somaya here?

Mother: Yes, like always she is playing with her phone, please talk to her and maybe she will listen to you.

5. Manal entered Somaya’s room and said hi.

Somaya: Welcome Manal, please sit until I finish the game.

Manal: My friend, it is okay to play with your phone but in moderation, so that you won’t hurt your eyes.

Somaya: Don’t worry, I’m fine. Be quiet so I can finish playing.

6. Manal: I will go now my friend, but I advise you to put down the phone because it will hurt your eyes.

Somaya ignored her friend’s advice and continued playing with her phone.

7. After several days, Somaya felt pain in her eyes. She started crying and shouting, “Mom, mom, help me mom!”

8. The mother came in a hurry, “What is wrong with you?”

Somaya: My eyes hurt a lot, mom.

Mother (gettingscared): Okay, let’s go to the hospital.

9. Somaya and her mother went to the hospital in a hurry and they met an eye doctor and explained to him what had happened.The doctor examined her.

10. After finishing the examination the doctor said,“Your daughter’s vision isimpaired, and she must wear glasses in order to reduce the pain.” Then the doctor turned to Somaya and said,“You must not play with your phone for a long time Somaya, so your eyes will not get worse.”

Somaya: Okay, doctor.

11. Somaya: Mom please forgive me. I didn’t listen to your advice and I didn’t do what you asked.

Mother: I hope you will not do it again, and you should apologize to your friend Manal.

In the end, Somaya admitted her mistakes, and she learned the risks of playing with her mobile phone for a long time.She realized that it is wasting her time, hurting her eyes, and upsetting others.

Abeer Al Eid

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