Month: July 2016


Sun will Rise Again

By Mohammed Shawemreh Syrian poet, Mohammed Herari reads his poetry about his homeland, Syria. Photos are from Nicolas Miguert’s flickr album “Our trip around Syria in November 2008.”

Express Inherited Syria

By : Muhammad Alhoraki Relief International (RI) organized an art exhibition for a group of Syrian artists in Za’atari Camp. This idea came from the Case Manager of RI, Anas Al-hasan. Alhassan commented about the exhibition, “The origin of such an idea came from the Syr-ian cultural heritage, since Syria has a rich ancient history.” ...

How Eid reminds us of our home

By: Ahmad Shabannah During Lesser Bairam, Syrian refugees who still live in the camp hope to return to their homeland to practice their religious rituals and social conventions. For each Eid that passes by they always hope to be relieved. Abu Samer says that in both Eids, Lesser Bairam and Greater Bairam, he wishes for ...


Her Clock Stopped

  Janis Mahameed is a 18-year-old Syrian girl. Her physical growth stopped when she was 10 years old due to growth hormone deficiency. Director: Johayna Mahameed, Yuki Saito Special Thanks to International Medical Corps (IMC) (7min. 2016)    


Za’atari Theatre Company “Mark of Hope”

The 7th episode of “IN TRANSIT,” Syrian Video Project in Za’atari refugee camp. One of the most famous guy in Za’atari refugee camp is Mr. Hamzeh Hussein, 22 years old. Even though he has impairments with his legs and it is not easy to walk around the bumpy ground of Za’atari, he is often going ...


Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak Everyone! May you all have wonderful time with your loved ones with peace! – From “IN TRANSIT” filming crew in Za’atari refugee camp. عيد مبارك


6 Rules of Ramadan Fasting You May not Know

During Ramadan, Muslims retain from eating, drinking, and smoking from the dawn to the dusk. Fasting is one of the most important custom for Muslims, though many people do know the detail of the fast. So, Mohammed Shawamreh, a director from IIN TRANSIT decided to visit an Imaam to ask questions about the fast. Director: ...

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