Jasmine Magazine is now on- line


يسعدنا ان تصدر مجلة ياسمين  بطبعتها الالكترونية لتحقيق اهدافها في تدريب النساءعلى العمل الصحفي في حقل التحرير والتصوير والاخراج وانتاج الفيديو وتغطية كافة النشاطات الثقافية

والاجتماعية في  المناطق الاقل حظا.
وبهذه المناسبة ندعو الجميع ان يساهم في استمرار وتطوير المجلة من خلال دورهم الابداعي ودعوتنا هذه تهدف الى تدريب النساء من كافة الفئات العمرية الى ممار سة المهنة واستمرارها .

للتواصل معنا راسلونا على موقعنا :



The first issue of Jasmine magazine is now available at https://jasminewomenmagazine.com

Jasmine is a magazine dedicated to women’s affairs in less fortunate regions which focuses on women and their role in society. The reader will find that the topics of the magazine are about women’s issues, concerns and the challenges that they must overcome to enable them to move towards a better future. We in the magazine believe that today women play many roles. Some act as the glue that holds family together, raising children and establishing the next generation. Others are inspirations to their communities by supporting themselves with fulfilling careers, championing efforts for social change, serving as role models for younger women and forging paths into new areas of expertise. Many women manage to do both! Each new generation of women leaves behind them a stronger foundation The magazine is one of CIVIC projects to re-image and re- make the world one neighborhood at a time


for those who come after to realize their full potential. This first issue of Jasmine contains  topics that are of interest to women, mothers and wives;. Stories spoken directly from the lives of women of all ages, now – we offer expert advice from a number of health specialists on the conditions for adequate sleep and how to ensure that children rest properly, crucially, we also explore the growing rates of autism in children, to sharing the challenges of going back to the family home and starting anew after a divorce, as well as some inspiring voices to show that sometimes, those challenges are worth facing, in order to raise ourselves from the dust of a difficult relationship to forge a brighter, more dignified future. This issue will touch the reader, evoking the compassionate, powerful and deeply loving nature of women and shining a light on their bravery in confronting all of the challenges they face in order to realize their dreams and build their futures in an atmosphere of stability, safety and peace.