Month: June 2016

5 Tips to Survive Ramadan Fasting

by Waed Shawamreh Bareedy has four and a half years of experience as an instructor in body building and nutrition in Syria. Bareedy presented some important advice to those who are fasting and concerned with their body’s well-being. 1- Avoid drinking water with food; drink it an hour and a half after the Iftar meal. ...

12 Ramadan Fasting Rules You didn’t Know

by Mohammad Al Shawamreh             Because many people do not know the legal rules of Ramadan fasting, the Road team met one of the Imams of Za’atari Camp, Alshaikh Khaled Ahmad Abdullgader, who is also called Abu Omar Alidleby, to answer the following questions: 1- Does using a toothbrush invalidate the ...

Blessed Month Full of Charity

by Hajer Alkafri, June 2016 Ramadan is a blessed month full of charity, and people await its coming impatiently. They feel special joy and their hearts are shining with love and happiness. Worship and recitations of the Holy Qu’ran are increasing. People who fast during Ramadan prepare delicious foods and drinks such as tamarind and ...


Sweet Dreams in Ramadan Night

During Ramadan, muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking from sunrise to sunset. After break fasting, people are looking forward to eat some sweets. This is the story about the owner of the sweet factory in Za’atari. This video includes very rare footage taken during the night in Za’atari.


Strength for the Weak

Syrian bodybuilder Ali Nasir Hussein was majoring civil engineering in Damascus university when the conflict broke out. After arrived in Za’atari in Jordan, he became a trainer in a gym in the camp and started to train disabled people. He also talk about his fierce experience when he fled Syria to Jordan. Photo: Chris de Bode ...


A Football Brought from Syria

  Without question, the most popular sport among Syrian refugee boys is football. Ahmed Majeerish has come to the Za’atari camp with his football and keeps chasing his dream to be in Real Madrid! Music  Hirokazu Akiyama Special Thanks to  Finn Church Aid (FCA) Director  Waed Al Shewemreh Facilitating Director  Yuki Saito 日本語版


I’d Like to be a Goalkeeper

by Ja’afar Al Shara’a, age 15 When I was in Syria, I liked sports very much, but I like it more here in Za’atri. I’d like to be a famous goalkeeper, so I joined Qassim Majarish’s football team which con- tains a lot of young men who love football very much. Sports are something important in my ...


I Wish I Would be a Footballer

by Essa Nussairat, age 18 I always went to school in Syria not only for studying but also for football. I went to football pitches designed for this purpose with my un- cle to spend a long time there. I was very happy when scoring a goal, but because of war I was pre- vented from ...

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