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What Kept Me

Watch “What Kept Me,” an intensely personal story of a man rich in experience, dedication and faith. This video was created by the talented IN TRANSIT team in the Za’atari refugee camp.


Back to Schools

Children in the Za’atari refugee camp get ready for school.


I Reached the Clouds

“When we jump, I feel like I’ve reached the clouds.” Children in Za’atari join the circus as a creative outlet, and find companionship and hope.



IN TRANSIT presents Aradah, a traditional art that represents love, joy and heritage. Abu Rustom will always hold on to this heritage and teach it to his children to keep it from being extinguished. Watch this video to experience the joy and tradition of Aradah yourself!


Taekwondo Family

Children in the Za’atari refugee camp practice Taekwondo, learning discipline and resilience. IN TRANSIT presents Taekwondo Family, an inspiring story of an amazing family.


To Live

In Za’atari, many children work to earn an income. It’s estimated that over 1,000 children between the ages of 5 and 17 work, about 2 percent of children in Za’atari. This often jeopardizes the child’s education and moral development, but desperate circumstances force them to provide income for their family. The UN and NGOs like JEN recognize this problem, and are working ...


Za’atari Car

Za’atari Car is an inspiring story of a humble bicycle shop with big aspirations.



IN TRANSIT Presents Mum, a story of love and devotion.



For this edition of IN TRANSIT, the Road Media team introduces Farah, a little girl full of joy and talent.

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