Month: May 2016


A Store Next to School

Filmed in May 10, 2016 in the Za’atari refugee camp district 3. (4 min.) Directed by Mohammad al Shwamre(Syria), Yuki Saito   日本語字幕版


The Way for a Good Future

by Mohammad Al Hiraqi The Finland Organization is introducing different fields of tutorial courses aimed at providing young men and women with formal, scientific, international certificates to help them in the future. The courses are practical for life, especially in these difficult conditions we are facing. The Road magazine met Hussam Omera, who is a field ...

Norwegian School Help Drop-Outs

by  Oda’ee Al Hassan, January 2016 The Norwegian School has worked with schoolboys who dropped out of school for a long time. Soon it will come back again to working regularly in Za’atari Camp. They announced that the applications for the second term will start on 17/1/2016. There will be two programs: first, The Accelerated ...


Flower in the Desert

13 year old Syrian refugee, Abdul Baset has lived in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan since 2012. Recently, he has made a tiny garden in his “caravan”, a one-room prefabricated housing unit and plant white carnations his deceased brother used to filmed in May 8, 2016 in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Mafraq, Jordan (4 min.) ...

My Olives were the Best

by Khitam Krad I was very happy because I was rewarded in the contest of olives hosted by The Road Magazine (supported by Japanese Emergency NGO, JEN). My olives were the best and the committee members were pleased as they tasted them. My pleasure was indescribable when they declared the results where I was the first. They ...

My Fruitful Trees

by Abu Talal, age 67 The soil here in Za’atari is liable to farming, but it needs some care. I grow some trees and legumes; they are fruitful. For example, I grow olives, coriander, spinach, chickpeas, corns, spearmint, beans, radish and onions. I was very glad when I saw my plants producing these fruits which ...

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