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The first issue of Jasmine magazine is now available 

first issue of Jasmine magazine is now available at https://jasminewomenmagazine.com Jasmine is a magazine dedicated to women’s affairs in less fortunate regions which focuses on women and their role in society. The reader will find that the topics of the magazine are about women’s issues, concerns and the challenges that they must overcome to enable ...

Azeeza is in Zaatari Camp by Karen Asfour

.نشكر الكاتبة كارن عصفور على مجموعة قصص الاطفال “عنزة عزيزة” لقراءتها في مخيم الزعتري من قبل الأطفال   Thank you children writer Karen Gex Asfour for this opportunity for the Zaatari refugee camp children to read about Azeeza – Jordan’s Anti Litter Goat which is an adorable goat and featured in three children’s books.

“Tabikh” – طبيخ

  The Road Media magazine / In transit present the first episode of the series “Tabikh” (cooking in Arabic) that shows traditional recipes by refugees women in Za’atari camp.   الحلقة الاولى من سلسلة “طبيخ” حول بعض الوصفات التقليدية في سوريا خصوصا في المناطق .الحدودية .يقدم “طبيخ” لاجئات من مخيم الزعتري


Watch Zaatari camp in Virtual Reality (360 degree) . Directed by : IN TRANSIT Syrian Video Project. you can move the mobile in different directions to see it, or use VR box to make it more real. .شاهد مخيم الزعتري بتقنية الواقع الافتراضي الذي صور بكاميرا 360 خاصة IN TRANSIT Syrian Video Project. :الفيلم من ...

كل عام و انتم بخير 2018

Happy New Year from The Road Media Magazine / Video team IN TRANSIT.

Happy new year 2018

  Thanks for the twenty writers who spare their time to put a smile on the Syrian refugees children, Thanks for Musical band Zaman Al Zaatar who composed this piece of music , thanks to all those who participate in the this project and for the team of the Road Media magazine/video who helped in distribution the ...

THE WINTER IS BACK – رجعت الشتوية

فكّر بغيرك وأنت تُعدُّ فطورك، فكر بغيرك لا تَنْسَ قوتَ الحمام وأنتَ تخوضُ حروبكَ، فكَر بغيركَ لا تنس مَنْ يطلبون السلام وأنتَ تسدد فاتورةَ الماء، فكَّر بغيركَ مَنْ يرضَعُون الغمامٍ وأنتَ تعودُ إلى البيت، بيتكَ، فكَّر بغيركَ لا تنس شعب الخيامَ وأنت تنام وتُحصي الكواكبَ، فكرِّ بغيركَ ثمَّةَ مَنْ لم يجد حيّزاً للمنام وأنت تحرّر ...


The boots

(The boots) done by THE ROAD WORLD REFUGEE MEDIA team: Ahmad Al-salamat, who participated in a documentary filmmaking workshop conducted by Bent Marble executive director, Steve Clack.