Za’atari Theatre Company “Mark of Hope”

The 7th episode of “IN TRANSIT,” Syrian Video Project in Za’atari refugee camp.

One of the most famous guy in Za’atari refugee camp is Mr. Hamzeh Hussein, 22 years old. Even though he has impairments with his legs and it is not easy to walk around the bumpy ground of Za’atari, he is often going out and join various events and activities. This is a story about Hamzeh and the theatre company he is engaging now.

Special Thanks to FPSC Fundacion Promocion Social de la Cultura
Director: Fareeda al Nseerat
Facilitating Director: Yuki Saito

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6 Rules of Ramadan Fasting You May not Know

During Ramadan, Muslims retain from eating, drinking, and smoking from the dawn to the dusk. Fasting is one of the most important custom for Muslims, though many people do know the detail of the fast. So, Mohammed Shawamreh, a director from IIN TRANSIT decided to visit an Imaam to ask questions about the fast.

Director: Mohammed Shwamreh
Facilitating Director: Yuki Saito

Music: Hirokazu Akiyama
Coordinator: Fares Qaraqeesh (Jordan) 
Translator: Mohammad Basim Naji(Jordan), Arisa Nishida

5 Tips to Survive Ramadan Fasting

by Waed Shawamreh

Bareedy has four and a half years of experience as an instructor in body building and nutrition in Syria. fast drink water (1)

Bareedy presented some important advice to those who are fasting and concerned with their body’s well-being.

1- Avoid drinking water with food; drink it an hour and a half after the Iftar meal. In case the thirst is intense, drink just a little bit of water with the meal.

2- Avoid sugary foods and eat dates, honey, and fruit instead.

3- Avoid fizzy drinks, even light ones.

4- Avoid fried foods and walk for 30-40 minutes daily.

5-Drink plenty of water between Iftar and Suhur.

12 Ramadan Fasting Rules You didn’t Know

by Mohammad Al Shawamreh5 shawamreh and imam (2).jpg            

Because many people do not know the legal rules of Ramadan fasting, the Road team met one of the Imams of Za’atari Camp, Alshaikh Khaled Ahmad Abdullgader, who is also called Abu Omar Alidleby, to answer the following questions:

1- Does using a toothbrush invalidate the fast?

No, using toothbrush does not invalidate the fast unless the person swallows the toothpaste.

2- Is bathing during the day acceptable?

It does not invalidate the fasting even in the case where the water may enter the body, but Prophet Mohammad ordered us not to bathe too much during fasting and it’s better to avoid it.

3- Does sleeping longer hours invalidate the fasting?

Sleeping all day is fine during fasting as long as the person does not neglect his/her religious obligations.

4- Can a housewife taste the food she is cooking using the tip of her tongue?

It is ok to taste her food with the tip of her tongue without swallowing it.

5- Does using eye and ear drops invalidate the fast?

It does not break the fast because the eye vessels are unrelated to food and drink; using ear drops does not break the fast for the same reason.

6- Does vomiting invalidate the fast?

Vomiting is allowed unless it is deliberate.

7- Is it permissible to see the dentist and repair teeth during Ramadan?

Yes, it is acceptable and does not invalidate the fast.

8- Are nursing mothers permitted to break fasting during Ramadan?

Yes, a nursing mother is permitted to eat during Ramadan if she cannot feed her baby otherwise, but she has to make it up by fasting after Ramadan.

9- Do medical needles invalidate fasting?

Medical needles do not break the fast unless they nourish the individual.

10- Is it permitted to eat the Iftar meal when you hear Adhan from the mosque next door?

It is acceptable to eat at the 1st Adhan; it’s also fine to break the fast if you do not hear the Adhan when the sun sets and you are sure about the time of Iftar.

11- For women, does wearing makeup invalidate their fasting?

Wearing makeup is considered a sin, but it will not invalidate her fasting.

12- Does using nasal drops spoil fasting?

Yes, because the drops move inside the throat and the body.

shwemreh 記事

Blessed Month Full of Charity

by Hajer Alkafri, June 2016

3 (1).jpgRamadan is a blessed month full of charity, and people await its coming impatiently. They feel special joy and their hearts are shining with love and happiness. Worship and recitations of the Holy Qu’ran are increasing.

People who fast during Ramadan prepare delicious foods and drinks such as tamarind and licorice. We notice that neighbors exchange food before the adhan (call to prayer) as a sign of friendliness. The family members gather around the bench and start supplicating to God by saying,“Our God I fasted for You and I break my fast with Your sustenance; the thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and reward is confirmed, if God is willing.”

Our God may enter us and the paradise from Al-rayyan.

When breaking the fast, people eat three dates and drink a glass of water, then they have their meals. The mothers prepare Ramadan sweets such as Qataif, which is considered the most delicious dessert one can have during Ramadan, and they eat it while watching television shows.

After the meal, people spend beautiful evenings with families, loved ones, and neighbors until suhur (the pre-dawn meal).


Strength for the Weak

Syrian bodybuilder Ali Nasir Hussein was majoring civil engineering in Damascus university when the conflict broke out. After arrived in Za’atari in Jordan, he became a trainer in a gym in the camp and started to train disabled people.

He also talk about his fierce experience when he fled Syria to Jordan.


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A Football Brought from Syria


Without question, the most popular sport among Syrian refugee boys is football. Ahmed Majeerish has come to the Za’atari camp with his football and keeps chasing his dream to be in Real Madrid!

Music  Hirokazu Akiyama
Special Thanks to  Finn Church Aid (FCA)
Director  Waed Al Shewemreh
Facilitating Director  Yuki Saito