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Sweet Dreams in Ramadan Night

During Ramadan, muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and smoking from sunrise to sunset. After break fasting, people are looking forward to eat some sweets. This is the story about the owner of the sweet factory in Za’atari. This video includes very rare footage taken during the night in Za’atari.


Strength for the Weak

Syrian bodybuilder Ali Nasir Hussein was majoring civil engineering in Damascus university when the conflict broke out. After arrived in Za’atari in Jordan, he became a trainer in a gym in the camp and started to train disabled people. He also talk about his fierce experience when he fled Syria to Jordan. Photo: Chris de Bode ...


A Football Brought from Syria

  Without question, the most popular sport among Syrian refugee boys is football. Ahmed Majeerish has come to the Za’atari camp with his football and keeps chasing his dream to be in Real Madrid! Music  Hirokazu Akiyama Special Thanks to  Finn Church Aid (FCA) Director  Waed Al Shewemreh Facilitating Director  Yuki Saito 日本語版


A Store Next to School

Filmed in May 10, 2016 in the Za’atari refugee camp district 3. (4 min.) Directed by Mohammad al Shwamre(Syria), Yuki Saito   日本語字幕版


Flower in the Desert

13 year old Syrian refugee, Abdul Baset has lived in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan since 2012. Recently, he has made a tiny garden in his “caravan”, a one-room prefabricated housing unit and plant white carnations his deceased brother used to filmed in May 8, 2016 in Za’atari Refugee Camp, Mafraq, Jordan (4 min.) ...

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