We Disagreed

Poem by S. Al-Shara’a (English below)


إختلفنا وكل شي بينا اختلف

إنسلبنا وصرنا كل شله بحلف

ضعنا ضيعنا حضاره

ووطن للدنيا متاره

إلي موبيده قراره

صار بينا المحترف

العدو منا تمكن

وصارله بيننا مسكن

قصه محزونه تجنن

والدمع بيها نشف

الندم ماعاد ينفع

الي راح شلون يرجع

مين شاف ومين يسمع

ومين منا يعترف

سلام محمد خير الشرع

We disagreed, and everything between us has changed.

We separated and every one of us is in a different party.

We got lost and we lost our civilization;

And a country that was a lighthouse to the world –

Who doesn’t have the freedom of choice –

He wedged skillfully between us.

The enemy defeated us

And now he has a place between us.

A sad and crazy story,

And tears have dried in it.

Regretting will not help anymore;

How to return what’s lost?

Who will we see and listen to?

Which one of us will admit guilt?

By: Salam Mohammed Khair Al-Shara’a

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