How Eid reminds us of our home

By: Ahmad Shabannah

During Lesser Bairam, Syrian refugees who still live in the camp hope to return to their homeland to practice their religious rituals and social conventions. For each Eid that passes by they always hope to be relieved.

Abu Samer says that in both Eids, Lesser Bairam and Greater Bairam, he wishes for his problems to be solved and wishes to return to his home in order to spend the blessed days and all the religious occasions with his relatives. Um Loa’ay has been eagerly waiting to return to Syria to spend the Eid holidays in her village in Dara’a, where Eid’s atmosphere was beautiful and she felt true happiness. Though she practices the religious conventions and social traditions of Eid in Za’atari Camp, she pointed out that the joy differs from the one she felt in Syria. Three Eids have passed while Abu Eissa lived in the Za’atari desert. He strongly desires to return to Syria and expressed how Eid is returning to us in a place where he has no other means of communication but a mobile phone to keep in touch with his homeless friends in Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and many other countries all over the world.

Abu Ali is concerned that he will not be able to fully enjoy Eid away from Syria, where he used to meet many of his loved ones after the Eid prayer to drink traditional Arabic coffee and have Eid sweets such as pancakes filled with dates.

Abu Maher also hopes in these blessed days that children and adults are able to think about Syria with joy and remember the beautiful and amazing days before they came here. Um A’ahed, who spent many Eids in the camp, says that during every Eid she looks around but she could not find anyone whom she likes, so she strongly hopes that she can go back to her homeland soon to meet those she loves again.


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