Express Inherited Syria

By : Muhammad Alhoraki

Relief International (RI) organized an art exhibition for a group of Syrian artists in Za’atari Camp. This idea came from the Case Manager of RI, Anas Al-hasan.

Alhassan commented about the exhibition, “The origin of such an idea came from the Syr-ian cultural heritage, since Syria has a rich ancient history.” He also pointed out that the paint-ings in the exhibition stimulate people’s artistic interests. What people feel about artis complete-ly different from their sufferings from the war.

He added, “After getting ap-proval from the Field Coordina-tor Ala’a Alqaisy to organize this exhibition, we supported the art-ists by providing papers, paints, brushes, and liners. 11 artists participated in this project and the time limit for delivering their works was 15 days. After that, we arranged a large hall to display the paintings and sent invitations to other organizations in the camp. Of course many refugees were invited too. The exhibition was open to everyone.”

Ramez Alassaf exhibited 3 paintings. The first one por-trayed the old Damascus quarter which was famous for archaeo-logical heritage. The second one showed Khaled bin Alwaleed mosque located in the center of Homs. ItScreenshot 2016-07-22 17.44.12s name is taken from the Khaled bin Alwaleed shrine. The third one illustrates the Deir Zzour suspension bridge which crosses the Euphrates River. It’s a symbol of the city’s heritage.

He said when he visited the exhibition and found three of his paintings, he felt extremely proud of his achievements.

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