Blessed Month Full of Charity

by Hajer Alkafri, June 2016

3 (1).jpgRamadan is a blessed month full of charity, and people await its coming impatiently. They feel special joy and their hearts are shining with love and happiness. Worship and recitations of the Holy Qu’ran are increasing.

People who fast during Ramadan prepare delicious foods and drinks such as tamarind and licorice. We notice that neighbors exchange food before the adhan (call to prayer) as a sign of friendliness. The family members gather around the bench and start supplicating to God by saying,“Our God I fasted for You and I break my fast with Your sustenance; the thirst has gone and the veins are quenched, and reward is confirmed, if God is willing.”

Our God may enter us and the paradise from Al-rayyan.

When breaking the fast, people eat three dates and drink a glass of water, then they have their meals. The mothers prepare Ramadan sweets such as Qataif, which is considered the most delicious dessert one can have during Ramadan, and they eat it while watching television shows.

After the meal, people spend beautiful evenings with families, loved ones, and neighbors until suhur (the pre-dawn meal).


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