My Fruitful Trees

by Abu Talal, age 67

The soil here in Za’atari is liable to farming, but it needs some care. I grow some trees and legumes; they are fruitful. For example, I grow olives,Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 20.12.58.png coriander, spinach, chickpeas, corns, spearmint, beans, radish and onions. I was very glad when I saw my plants producing these fruits which nearly sufficed 90% of my house’s needs of these for these items. Neighbors often come to my house to take spearmint which is abundant in my yard. I used to live in a town called Nawa, which was famous for growing fruits and vegetables. I also raise some kinds of animals such as chickens and geese which provide my family with eggs continuously. Green plants refresh us and lend beautiful scenery to our homes, so I advise all people to experience this.

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